Washington County Bicycle Transportation Coalition

Board members in photo above from left to right: Tonya Davis, Earleen Reimann, Steve Boughton, Carl Nelson, Emily Hackett, Mark Norberg 

Our Mission

The mission of the Washington Country Bicycle Transportation Coalition (WashCo BTC) is to promote bicycle transportation, protect bicyclists’ rights and improve bicycling conditions throughout Washington County, Oregon through education, advocacy and community.


WashCo BTC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose members have been a voice for the bicycling community in Washington County, Oregon since 1998.  WashCo BTC was initially formed as a chapter of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance. In 2005, it became an independent non-profit agency to promote bicycle education, and rider empowerment while advocating bicycling interests and supporting events that encourage community participation. Since its inception, WashCo BTC has grown from a group of activists with commitment and energy to a focused organization with members serving on project committees, advisory boards, and other forms of citizen involvement at all levels of government.  


The organziation provides clinics and educational events.  You can sign up for classes focused on how motorists and bicyclists can share the road, pointers for the everyday commuter, and classes in advanced bicycle maintenance and handling skills. 


WashCo BTC is proud to offer a community bicycle center that offers “anything bicycle,” where anyone can repair a bike, buy a used one, and learn how and where to ride. Community rides and group ride clinics for the uninitiated also will be available.



Board Members

Members of our all-volunteer board come from diverse backgrounds and interests with a similar passion for bicycle use, safety, education and recreation. Some of have been with us since we started as the “Squeaky Wheels” formed in 1996 to rail against the poor connectivity, infrastructure and support of bicycling as viable transportation within the county.


With 13 cities, Metro, ODOT and Washington County LUT (Department of Land Use and Transportation) to contend with, this has been no small task. Here then, are the list of those currently serving to provide Education, Advocacy and Community to county residents.



Steve Boughton 

Board Chair and acting Executive Director


Steve provides leadership, management, and organizational skills, as well as overseeing financial performance and control for WashCo BTC.  


He is a League of American Bicyclists, League Cycling Instructor (LCI) and offers classes on topics like Bicycle Confidence in Traffic, click here to view more about our classes


Tonya Davis

Board Member, Fundraising & Social Media 


Tonya focuses on bringing biking passion, energy, and enthusiasm to the WashCo BTC through networking and  fundraisers to raise money for the organization. She has been active since 2010 and a Board Member since 2011. She also donates time outside of the WashCo BTC for other Portland-based cycling non-profits. 


Emily Hackett

Board Secretary


Emily is involved with the WashCo BTC because of its specific focus on Washington County, actively supporting and promoting the development of a culture and a physical infrastructure that allows cyclists and motorists to share the road. While the bike may be the vehicle, the educational focus and outreach to underserved populations and local government make it a force for building communities.


Carl Nelson 

Carl has been a Board Member since 2008. He was the original founder of Tour de Parks annual ride. Carl is a League of American Bicyclists Certified Instructor (LAB). He enjoys working with children, teaching safe cycling skills. Click here to view more about our classes.


Mark Norberg  


Board member, advid biker, and one of our Retail Shop's bike mechanics.


Earleen Reimann 

Board member and a crime prevention specialist at Hillsboro Police Department where her focus is on community outreach and education.  






Support WashCo BTC

Washington County Community Bike Center


137 NE 3rd Ave.

Hillsboro, OR 97124



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