Washington County Bicycle Transportation Coalition

The WashCo BTC's Summer Bike Camp committee takes it seriously when it comes to insuring your child is safe during the time they spend with us. 

All instructors have passed a national criminal background check and have completed a cycling course that credits them as being a certified instructor. 

As you will find out when you read their bio's below, Brad and Garret are fairly new to the PNW and especially to Washington County. This will  encourage them to seek out new and exciting areas to explore with the campers. 


Meet Brad Wiltfong-Primary Instructor at all camps

My name is Bradley Wiltfong and I am very excited to be your 2017 Summer Bike Camp instructor. I am new to the area, but already growing to learn and love life in the PNW. I grew up in the Midwest, attended school at KU, and have been cycling for the past 8 years. It started as a necessity. The bike was my only form of transportation as I commuted to and from school and explored the town. It all snowballed from there...I eventually got hooked up with the local cycling scene, joined a competitive race team, bought five more bikes, and spent all my free time out on the open roads in the ceaseless winds of Kansas. It was wonderful. Flat, but wonderful.

I graduated KU with a degree in Psychology and Anthropology in the winter of 2015. Throughout college, I had been working as a Group Leader for the local Boys & Girls Club. I supervised and lead groups of elementary students, planned and carried out fun activities, and mediated more than my fair share of silly little conflicts. Once graduated, I pursued more professional employment with the Boys & Girls Club and took over as Program Manager of a local Boys & Girls Club site. It was like going from 0-100. All of a sudden, I was dropped in immediately responsible for the daily operations of a site that served 160 elementary students daily, managing 10-12 staff, balancing budgets and collecting revenue, and maintaining relationships with the school administration and parents. I love it. Managing all the stress, all the responsibilities, and creatively solving problems is incredibly fulfilling for me. I thrived in this position and learned a lot about my strengths, my weaknesses, and own idiosyncrasies as a leader, manager, and individual.

That brings us to now. In early 2017, I made the decision to drop everything and move to the PNW to start a new life. My girlfriend had already been living here for 6 months prior, and after a long treacherous trek across the county in late January, I arrived. While looking for jobs, I happened upon this posting for a "Summer Bike Camp Instructor" that seemed like a perfect fit. After learning more about the position, I knew it was. I am very excited to be coming on as an instructor this summer and look forward to helping guide and teach your kids about the joys, responsibilities, and realities of being a cyclist. Cycling is a wonderful hobby and sport and I am very excited to share my passion and hard earned knowledge with your kids this summer.

Garret Holbrook-Instructing in Beaverton, Tigard, Hillsboro

I am so excited to get the opportunity to teach a summer bike camp! Cycling is one of my biggest passions. I grew up riding around irrigation ditch banks in a small town in Idaho. Through crashing and countless flats, I learned how to work on my bike and do minor repairs. After high school, I moved to Portland and began delivering food by bike. I also began commuting solely by bicycle. This is where I learned how to ride safely in the city and respect the road. Then after a few months of delivering I got invited to do an informal bike race. I fell in love with bikes that day. I've been racing now for almost 2 years. I've done tons of different racing disciplines from mountain bike short track to track racing out on the Alpenrose Dairy. I also have worked in several bike ships gaining experience in bike repair. It's also relevant to mention that i am currently a junior at Portland State University. I am studying for my bachelors in Biology with hopes of teaching high school.

My hope is to prepare some young cyclist for the perils of the open road. I also wish to convey this information the "funnest" way possible. After all, we only have so many childhood summers. If I could also inspire some kids to take up cycling in the way I did, that would be great as well. Overall I am dying to get the summer started so we can go out and have some fun on our bikes!

Mitch Taylor - Instructing in Forest Grove

I recently retired from the forest industry after 34 years. The last 5 years I commuted by bicycle...even in the snow! My love of cycling began when I bought my first "stingray" bike for $32.00 in 1964. I'm now a recreational road cyclist, mostly for the sheer joy of it, but it's also good exercise. I have done some touring and plan to do more in my retirement. I recently became the volunteer Sustainability Committee Chair for Forest Grove. My goal here is to start a bike share program for Forest Grove- to allow more people to experience bikes.